Diet and Exercise

Aw crap. I just learned that some of the health implications of hormone therapy make it a very bad idea to start HRT while continuing my current lazy lifestyle. Damn damn and damn again. I guess it’s down to the gym for me.


4 thoughts on “Diet and Exercise

  1. If you’re hitting the gym, there’s 4 exercises that are worth your time:

    1) Deep squats

    2) Bench press

    3) Dead Lift

    4) Pull ups / chin ups

    Until you can do your body weight on a barbell in each of those, you’ll get more out of that than any of the machines. Also, don’t go to the clean & jerk from the deadlift until you’re up to your body weight.

    For abs, work up to holding a plank position for 2 sets of 2 minutes

    For your back, either do cobra or if that’s too easy, ask someone to coach you on a bar lift on an exercise ball (you can really screw up your back if you do it wrong or with too much weight too soon)

    That’ll save you hours single-muscle machine work that won’t be half as effective.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the tips. I just went out and snagged a jumprope too.

    What do you mean by my body weight on a barbell? The barbells I’m familiar with go up to like 10 lbs, not 160.

    • I think you’re thinking of dumbells, which are the single-hand weights. The barbell is the 5 ft long bar that you load up with plates until you get to the weight you are at. Start out light and add a few pounds at a time until you get something you’re just slightly uncomfortable lifting, something you can lift at least five times and no more than ten. If its your first time, definitely ask a staff member at the gym how to do it all properly. If its a paid membership gym, they’ll probably try to push you to get a trainer (which costs extra of course, plus tips, and isn’t really necessary unless you’re a pro athlete or an actor on a schedule), but if you keep your question specific to asking about proper technique that’s usually a freebie. If it’s a college gym, you might be best served by asking fellow gym users; I tend to not trust student staffers since it is unlikely they had more training than an orientation session or two although some of them might be gym rats themselves.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

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