A Big Day

Tomorrow I have my first endocrinologist appointment. This is exciting for two reasons. First, I will finally get some solid answers on when I can start hormones and second because I have finally figured out how to spell endocrinologist without a spellchecker. I’m extremely nervous. It’s a good nervous. Opening night jitters, in a way.

I wonder if I’ll be able to get much sleep tonight.

Here’s what I think will happen tomorrow. I’ll talk to a doctor about what hormone therapy would entail. I might have to convince them that yes, I want it and need it. I might get a physical. Kinda hope they don’t feel me up, but it might happen. Then, hopefully, there will be bloodwork drawn. I don’t know how long the tests take. A day? A week? I hope no more than a week. When the blood work comes back, that’s probably when we start talking dosages.

I’m thinking of taking my camera and filming it. It’s amazing how concepts of privacy have changed. I don’t think someone in my position 20 years ago would be documenting their transition extensively like this. I know that seeing other people’s transitions documented online have really given me hope and encouragement, so I want to be able do that for others.

I might have more to say later tonight, when I can compose my thoughts better.