The Hunt

I’m unemployed. This is a stated I’ve “enjoyed” for coming up on three years now, ever since I was fired a week before the stock crash of 2008. I’ve never been good at job hunting, and the constant rejection and frustration of the hunt combined to devastate my self confidence the last time I seriously looked for a job. Now that graduate school is on indefinite hiatus and I’m going after transition full speed, I need a job, so I can’t put off starting the hunt again any longer.

The problem, of course, is that on top of the problems that my horrible resume saddle me with, being trans is a huge hurdle to clear. It’s illegal in California, and double super extra illegal in San Francisco, to discriminate against someone because they’re transgendered. But with a resume like mine, how the hell do I prove discrimination? The real reason I get turned down from Job X might be that I’m a dirty, filthy tranny who makes the HR manager uncomfortable, but the reason he’ll provide if asked is that I haven’t had steady work in years, that the last job I held fired me after only 5 months, and that I did a poor job in the interview as well.

To combat this problem, I’ve hooked up with this group called the Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative to assist me in finding a place to work. They’re a local resource, city funded, that hooks up trans employees with trans friendly employers. It’s not a job placement agency; I still have to get the job myself, but they’re helping me with resume writing, job searching, interview tips, etc. I’m so happy I found them. I think I’d be seriously freaking out if I didn’t have someone in my corner for this.

Tomorrow I will, hopefully, go on the dole, which should extend my destitution horizon for a few more months. In a super duper ideal world, the city would pay me enough to be able to afford subsidized housing somewhere and move out of Thrillhouse. Aside from the obvious material benefits, I’d like to get my own place so I didn’t have to worry about wearing out my welcome and getting kicked out. First thing I’m going to do after I get on cash assistance is signing up for every affordable housing list in the city. Hope, hope, hope. That’s all I can do these days, it seems. If I could get a semi-stable situation, with an income sufficient to live in stable poverty until I found a job, that would be ideal.

Whatever happens will happen. The Hunt goes on.