Period Piece

My periods are getting out of control. Yes, I have periods now. They happen every other week, and they suck. I’d gleefully take the cramps and bleeding if it meant I only had to be neurotic and fragile once a month. I had a fairly horrible day on Tuesday, and that seems to be right around where my hormones are at their wackiest. Work was difficult, as it fully sank into me that I’d accepted a job where people will call me up on the phone just to try and ruin my day, plus I kept getting weird software faults and new calls that would come in before I was finished wrapping up the old one, and a dozen other things that kept piling up on top of themselves. When work was done I had to rush out to Clackamas to have a consult at a laser clinic to see about getting my beard burnt off and I was going to be late, so I called them up on my way out of the building and got yanked up by security and dressed down and promised that my manager would have something to say to all of us about this in the future. I hadn’t known about that bit of the security policy, so it was doubly frustrating to be further delayed by it while it looked like I was going to be so late as to miss my appointment. And then when I finally got out there, I couldn’t find the fucking building for a good fifteen minutes, and had to call the clinic two or three times to get walked in. I almost started sobbing on the phone.

Periods suck.

Strangely, after all of that, when the laser tech informed me that my coloration wasn’t suitable and that I’d have to go with electrolysis, I was fine with it. Even though this means I’ll have to pay more, over a longer period of time, while enduring more pain. I think I was all of of misery to give. I went home, sat in the bath, and punished myself with a blackberry flavored “fine wine product” that I got for 4 bucks.

The next day I got morning sickness. Yes, I get morning sickness now, too.I know it sounds like I had a hangover, but no, I have had those and this wasn’t one. And my tits hurt all the time! I don’t bump them up against things accidentally anymore (you’d be simply amazed at how well even a modest amount of breast growth can catch corners and doorways), but they are still quite tender to the touch.

It’s all worth it though. Always worth it.


Injection Update and TMI

My most recent injection went very well. I didn’t get any alcohol in the wound this time, and the injection itself was pleasantly free of the invasive squibbly feeling. My leg now has the basic ache you get from a narrow piercing wound; this should be gone in a day or two.

When you inject, it’s important to do it on the outer part of the thigh. It hurts much less there, and there is less of a risk of hitting any important nerves or blood vessels.

I’ve been on hormones for almost two months now. My skin is noticeably smoother, and seems even a little bit more elastic than I’m used to. My face seems to be smoothing out a little, although I was already so androgynous it’s hard to tell. My nipples are sensitive and growing little buds in the tissue under them. They stick out further than I’m used to, and I have jammed them on all manner of doors, corners, etc. This is an enthusiastically painful experience. Sharp, intense, almost sour. At the same time a mild, oh so mild, buzzing. I strongly recommend avoiding this experience if you can.

And for the record, no, it’s nothing like getting kicked in the balls. A shot to the testes still hurts a lot worse.

My libido has been altered as well. It has not been eliminated, but is definitely much quieter. It’s quite nice. A male sex drive can be so intrusive when I’m trying to think of other things. Now, I can kind of pick and choose, to an extent. I have to be on a mission.

Nothing else to add. Work is nice. Going to have a bit of a family reunion tomorrow.

Depending on how fast my face smooths out and my breasts come in, I may need to accelerate my timetable on coming out at work. I almost slipped up today, when somebody saw my Google Plus screen over my shoulder, and if I become visibly trans the jig will be up shortly thereafter anyhow. I want to get at least one good performance review before I come out.

That’s a problem for another day, however. I’m just glad this last injection went so well.