Injection Update and TMI

My most recent injection went very well. I didn’t get any alcohol in the wound this time, and the injection itself was pleasantly free of the invasive squibbly feeling. My leg now has the basic ache you get from a narrow piercing wound; this should be gone in a day or two.

When you inject, it’s important to do it on the outer part of the thigh. It hurts much less there, and there is less of a risk of hitting any important nerves or blood vessels.

I’ve been on hormones for almost two months now. My skin is noticeably smoother, and seems even a little bit more elastic than I’m used to. My face seems to be smoothing out a little, although I was already so androgynous it’s hard to tell. My nipples are sensitive and growing little buds in the tissue under them. They stick out further than I’m used to, and I have jammed them on all manner of doors, corners, etc. This is an enthusiastically painful experience. Sharp, intense, almost sour. At the same time a mild, oh so mild, buzzing. I strongly recommend avoiding this experience if you can.

And for the record, no, it’s nothing like getting kicked in the balls. A shot to the testes still hurts a lot worse.

My libido has been altered as well. It has not been eliminated, but is definitely much quieter. It’s quite nice. A male sex drive can be so intrusive when I’m trying to think of other things. Now, I can kind of pick and choose, to an extent. I have to be on a mission.

Nothing else to add. Work is nice. Going to have a bit of a family reunion tomorrow.

Depending on how fast my face smooths out and my breasts come in, I may need to accelerate my timetable on coming out at work. I almost slipped up today, when somebody saw my Google Plus screen over my shoulder, and if I become visibly trans the jig will be up shortly thereafter anyhow. I want to get at least one good performance review before I come out.

That’s a problem for another day, however. I’m just glad this last injection went so well.


2 thoughts on “Injection Update and TMI

  1. Great blog. It is a great feeling reading someones independent thoughts that so awesomely line up with your own. I had tried to find a way to contact you in private, but alas, I did not find an email address anywhere.

    Again, thank you. I will add this blog to my list to read.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it. I’ve been reevaluating its course recently, and starting to turn the ship a bit, so it’s nice to know people still like it.

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