Survival is a Team Sport

[EDIT: The first version of this post omitted several important people. I am terribly, deeply sorry to all of those I forgot.]

I owe my life to kindnesses, both large and small, from the following people, in no particular order:

  • Mom
  • Christine
  • the residents of Thrillhouse
  • the City of San Francisco
  • Aunt Kathy and Uncle Mike
  • Aunt Debby and Uncle Tim
  • Joey
  • Dan
  • r/transgender
  • Autumn
  • Q
  • Andrea
  • Liz
  • The other Liz
  • Lucy
  • Brother Bimbo
  • His sidekick Charlie
  • Jeff
  • Julian
  • The Peevers
  • Grandma and Grandpa
  • Dad
  • James
  • Kelsey
  • Kate
  • the other Kate
  • Lauren
  • Kat
  • Sam
  • the other Sam, and his family
  • Ron

To all of you, thank you. Whether you provided me with shelter, held me when I cried, answered my panicked midnight¬†phone calls, helped me get a job, or just talked to me like¬†you thought that I deserved to keep breathing, even when I didn’t.

I’d be dead without you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.