When Did That Happen?

A friend of mine got a job. She’s moving north in a week. After tomorrow and the day after, I’ll not see her again for months. She’s the one who started the game night that I go to every Wednesday, which spawned the Pathfinder game that I go to every other Tuesday, which spawned the Mage game I’m now running on the other Tuesdays. This core of friends who I see every week are the ones who can be blamed for me regaining some measure of functionality, so that I may wreck bloody havoc upon the populace. Because she reached out to me, I haven’t fallen back into a stupor of despair.

And now she’s going away. I wish her well. I am truly happy for her. I will miss her presence, even if people of my age and class never really have to lose contact with the friends they care about.

Her departure has reminded me of something that keeps shocking me, no matter how many times I realize it: I have a tremendous number of amazing friends. When did that happen? I don’t remember attempting to cultivate a network, and I’ve always had a self image of someone who can’t make friends easily. And yet over the last year I have had to rely upon a vast reservoir of friendship. It was deeper than I could have imagined.

When did that happen? When did I get friends? And such good friends, at that?


2 thoughts on “When Did That Happen?

  1. I noticed this happen. It’s kind of the best side effect ever of being your true self. It draws people to you for all the reason you want them around: they take as sincere of interest in you as you do in them because you both know each other. There’s no instinctive keeping at arm’s distance, or awkward social behavior trying to force bonding behavior that doesn’t come naturally or get read correctly by the other person.

    It does suck to lose that driving distance friendship, though. Sorry to hear that. Best of luck finding a new regular for the game night. 🙂

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