A Proliferation of Aprils

When I decided on my new name, part of me was happy that I had found a traditional, but unusual name.

Now I see Aprils fucking everywhere. Not kids, but adults. Walking around with my name. It’s not as bad as my old name, but still, there are scads of us out there.

Where were you bitches all hiding?!


4 thoughts on “A Proliferation of Aprils

  1. I’d say “uncommon” rather than unusual. Spell it “Aipryllle” and it’s unusual, but there’s a fine line between unusual and bizarre. An uncommon name is one that’s not one you see every day, but that is, as you say, traditional, and that gets chosen by people because it’s a *good* name not because it’s fashionable. It’s not easily confused with anything else, it’s not so short as to be very generic (like, say, Al) and it’s not so long that people will shorten it. Two syllables is good.

    Also, observe that you only started noticing other people called April once it was officially, legally your name. This is just a fundamental rule of the universe. Whatever your name is, you’ll see thousands of people with it, even if nobody else does. If you changed it to N’Guk-La, all the Aprils would vanish and you’d find every second person you met was called N’Guk-La, it’s a basic universal truth.

  2. April posting in April about April. What are the chances?

    There seems to be a lot of that going around. When I settled on Sarah, I started to see a lot of Sara’s about. Guess you could say I almost made it. That’s okay though, my male name IRL can also be spelled with or without the “H”.

    I happen to like your name too. It’s very pretty.


    • I know a Sarah who has a sister called Sara. Since both are cis, it’s either a case of parents with a weird sense of humor or just one of those in-law things.

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