Ask and Ye Shall Receive

So I guess some of you wanted a bit of happier news. Here it is. I wrote 2000 words yesterday. I’m probably going to crack a thousand again today. I suddenly have a real, live book on my hands.


5 thoughts on “Ask and Ye Shall Receive

  1. I’m fond of saying, “You don’t ask, you don’t get. Sometimes you ask and still don’t get, but at least you ask.”

    Glad to see you’re getting!


  2. Aww, hope it wasn’t me that prompted that – when I mentioned it in my e-mail, I was really saying just how – yeah, I guess inspirational – some of your recent posts have been, even though as a cis male I’m not your “target” audience. As somebody who (as you know) hasn’t exactly had a wonderful life, I really like it when I contrast posts from even a few weeks ago with those now. It…maybe an odd choice of words, but it delights me. Even though so many aspects of my own life suck, and continue to, the posts about the good stuff are great. Since it’s essentially a diary, I don’t expect that it’s all going to be wonderfulness and Bambi from here onwards, but I’m sure many of those who read because they’re transitioning (rather than, as in my case, because they identify with you in numerous other ways) like hearing not just about how you overcome the bad stuff (which is where we, your loyal readers, can try to be supportive or offer deep and meaningful insights that come from personal experience or, in my case, decrepitude) but also about the good stuff, which may help those who’re going through bad stuff even if it’s not the *same* bad stuff, by seeing that good things do happen, and not just due to outside forces. That’s where you, even indirectly, are supportive of us, your loyal readers, even if said reader if somebody who just lurks and has never posted. Don’t base the power of our words purely on the comments you get – I’m sure there are many out there who read, don’t post, but absorb.

    Skirt Day took major, major guts – more than I’ve ever been able to muster on any occasion I can think of – but anybody who reads that and then reads the tone of what followed it doesn’t need to be Einstein to see a link. No, I’m not saying that doing that will do the same for everybody – but for you it seems to have a) boosted your confidence, b) re-vitalized your writing, c) increased your determination to do what is right for you, and damn the torpedoes (or, at least, bitch them to death if necessary). While I don’t like the way the campaign slogan has been hijacked for any and all purposes, this *is* a prime example of “It Gets Better”, I think. For you, right then, it got better.

    • Gee, Al. I try to do something nice for someone…

      Kidding. Yes, you inspired it, but no, you shouldn’t feel bad. I wasn’t bullshitting. I really am thrilled about having my writing back.

      And skirt day really was a catalyst for a lot of positive things. Some stuff I’m not quite talking about in public yet, but still very good.

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