Beaverton’s Greatest Hits

Since I started wearing skirts in public, I have become a connoisseur of strange looks from straight people. Here are my favorites. 
The Silent Walleye 
The “I’m Not Staring” 
The “I’m Confused” 

The Eager Ally 

The Double-take
The Abrupt Silence 
The Nervous Smile


5 thoughts on “Beaverton’s Greatest Hits

  1. Maybe this is only a local variation here on Maui, specifically Lahaina. The ‘Stares as I cross the street and forgets to pull away from the crosswalk.’ 🙂

  2. “The Eager Ally” is funny… what is that one, getting excited and thumbs-uppy? XD

    • Yeah. Sometimes it’s a real nice pick-me-up. Sometimes it feels like they’re asking for approval because they’re willing to be nice to me.

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