Hormones seem to be working again

I’m getting choked up at work over the facts of life that I live with every day. So, yeah, I guess my emotions are coming back again. Hooray! I’d rather be in pain than numb, or at least not numb in the way I was. My nipples are sore and achy, too! ^_^

I got my new health insurance card in the mail yesterday. Tomorrow I’m going to (finally) set up an endo appointment and we’ll be back on track! Maybe this time I’ll be able to feminize for more than three months at a time before something goes wrong.

Fragile days may return, but it’s a small price to pay. It’ll make power leveling harder, too, but that just makes it more hardcore.

My head feels clearer and better than it has in what feels like weeks, although I can’t know for sure since time is funny when my hormones are wrong.

My posts, I feel, are becoming disjointed. That’s because my only time to write here is the short breaks between calls at work. My home writing time is reserved for my book, unless I have something truly urgent to say. The book, by the way is coming wonderfully.

I hope to be offically back on track soon.


2 thoughts on “Hormones seem to be working again

  1. Glad to hear you got the card and that the numbness is gone and that you’re not only in pain, but in uniquely female pain! (I’ll probably get corrected by cyclists about this now or something) Much more like the posts from after Skirt Day, when you seemed indestructible. Plus, now you’ve realized you’re not (indestructible), hopefully the next time fragility occurs (if it does), you’ll know it when it hits you, it won’t come as such a shock.

    Oh, and good priorities with the time management while it’s good to read hear that you’re making progress, I’d hate it to detract from the creative writing.

  2. Your hormones stopped working?? Eep! Sounds like a doozy.

    Hurrah for health insurance cards, and for positive progress on your book! ^_^

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