And now for another episode of TMI, with April

Ever since I started estrogen, my armpits smell different. Not worse. Not better. But different. They have a metallic twang to them now, when I’m stinky. I kind of like it.


13 thoughts on “And now for another episode of TMI, with April

  1. I’d say it’s a change for the better, not because I recall you having any sort of scent, but because the majority of males smell horrible to me… –hides– Smelling more female = thumbs up~ ;P

  2. so i spent three years off hormones for icky reasons, now back on, all better…but the funniest thing? i had NO SMELL WHATSOEVER when i’d been off for a while. it was almost creepy!

    • Weird. I hope not to replicate the experience that lead to it, but it might be kinda neat not to have a scent. Or better yet, to be able to switch it off and on.

  3. One thing to watch out for – cistitis – it’s frigging painful.

    Also, once you have had SRS there are the yeast infections which can be a real pain in the derriere.

    You have said about the changing smells, have you also found your tastes in food changing? I found I was more drawn towards spicy foods as my transition progressed,.

      • it’s a bladder condition which is often caused by too much sugary drinks such as coke.

        As for SRS, I was lucky enough to get it for free on our National Health Service

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