So this happened to me the other day.

So this happened to me the other day.


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  1. Don’t feel down about that, there will always be reasons for people to reject someone as a potential partner – your religion, your ethnicity, your nationality, your intelligence, your political views, even silly things like your taste in music! Then there will be people with whom you just click and for whom those things either don’t matter or they share your views on them 🙂

    I think being honest with any potential partner (about anything) is very important because it’s better to know right away whether you are right for each other than discover something later when things are already a lot more serious. Complete trust and genuine love is the foundation for any good relationship so if you are honest with someone and they don’t like what they hear just means they aren’t the right person for you.

    • This is not even close to the same thing as “oh hey, I want to date a nice Christian girl.” I don’t understand how you could even make that comparison.

      • Sadly for some people it goes far beyond “I want to date a nice Christian girl” – regretfully I know know enough couples who split up over major religious differences or people who for example simply won’t date someone who is religious or others who wouldn’t date someone who is an atheist. A Hindu friend of mine once told me his parents would disown him if he brought home a Muslim girlfriend.

        But religion was just one of my examples, things like race or nationality can play a big role for some people as well. Pretty much anything can, just need to
        find someone who shares the same values and loves you for who you are.

      • You’re missing the point. Being trans is a uniquely difficult place to get a date from. It’s not “just like” someone deciding they don’t want to date you for another reason. They don’t want to date me for this reason, and that hurts a lot more.

      • This comments thing is weird, won’t let me reply to your last comment xD So this is actually the reply to that:

        Yes I agree that each one of those situations is unique and one can ever truly know what it feels like being rejected for reason X, Y, Z unless it actually happened to you… and even then everyone takes it differently.

        I’m sorry that your situation is causing you pain.

      • It’s not just about being rejected for reason X,Y, or Z. It’s about being rejected for Reason T…every, single, time.

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