The anesthetic didn’t work. I rubbed the cream on my face, but the timing was wrong and it didn’t have a chance to work before we began electrolysis.

On the way to the appointment, I’d seen my reflection in a window.

So as the needle burned hot under my skin, and the sharp, crystallized bases of the hairs sliced skin as they were pulled out, I thought to myself:

You are gross and disgusting and you deserve this.


5 thoughts on “Anesthetic

  1. I tend to give the cream around 45 minutes to work. I also cover it with plastic wrap (cling wrap/glad wrap/Saran wrap/etc) – I know this sounds stupid and I know I look stupid but it stops the cream drying out and being less effective.

    • Not really, but then again I rarely am. The trick is to keep going until finally the hair stops returning. It hurts. A lot.

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