The Definition of Insanity

More and more, I find my mind returning to the possibility of graduate school. It’s foolish. It’s hopeless. My time there is done.

But what if I could figure out a way to apply Power Transition Theory to domestic political violence? What if I could get funding? What if I could enroll in a program that fit me better?

No. It’s absurd. It will never work. Shouldn’t waste time thing about it.

But what if…?


3 thoughts on “The Definition of Insanity

  1. Don’t rule it out , but bear in mind the consequences. If I could afford it, I’d give serious consideration to going back to school and considering doing a different undergraduate degree in an attempt to escape the obsolescence that IT seems to place on anybody over 40 who hasn’t “made it”. I wouldn’t even think of trying to turn my postgrad degree into one that’s more generally recognized in the US – it’s way too late in what I laughingly call my career for that.

    If you could use credits from before to shorten the process a lot, it may well be a viable option. However, if you can’t, estimate how long it’d take to get it, now estimate where you’d be after that time a) after doing the postgrad versus b) if you managed to get a job that was doing what you wanted to do. I know option B doesn’t currently exist, but apply the “what if…” to that too.

    Against that, consider the postgrad – at the end of that, yes, you’ve got an advanced degree, but unless you’ve got a Plan that segues the postgrad nicely into a line of work, you’re roughly where you are now, only with more impressive qualifications. Of course, if you’ve got a Plan…

    I don’t want to dissuade, but if you’re considering it, definitely try to come up with a plan where the postgrad is the *start* of it. If you can pair that up with suitable extra-curricular stuff, with what’d essentially be practical experience on the side, there’s a nice transition to a ready-made role on the other end of the degree. As we both know, *that* isn’t just a “maybe”. I’ll give KA another nudge about that introduction to ZD, and KS has a good background in the sort of organization that could lead you that way too.

    • It’s still in the musing phase. Step one would be getting a straight answer from Uncle Sam about if I could pass a background check to get a security clearance. If I can’t get that, then I can’t do the work that I want to do. Alternatively, if there is some kind of private industry for the skills I want, I could examine that but I am not aware if any such private positions exist.

      • Well, if I can get my better half to arrange the ZD thing, she should have an excellent idea, given her rather unique ex-military position.

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