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Wrestling With Jafar

I had a therapist’s appointment today. I had the appointment because at my last endocrinologist appointment, I was told that my bloodwork was fine, that there’s really no medical reason not to begin treatment immediately, but that I need a permission slip from a therapist. I was disappointed and deflated when I heard the news, and the rage only hit a few hours later.

So now I’ve got three therapist appointments with three different therapists in one week. I’m going to take the pick of the litter, and hopefully get a note quickly. If I don’t get one, I’m going to try to convince my doctor that I’ve been living full time for 3 months (I consider this to be true) and so meet the standards of care requirement for the begining of HRT.

The therapist appointment today was intensely frustrating. I was recommended to her by my insurance company as a gender specialist, but she was nothing of the sort. Severely ignorant questions, invasive probing of an unnecessary sort, so on and so on. Very frustrating. I’ve got two other shrinks lined up. I hope one of them will be okay.

If this post is more scattershot than normal, that’s because my depression has returned and I find it difficult to focus or maintain interest. In anything.