Trigger Warning Policy

Please be aware that I do not include warnings in my blog. I’ll try and give a hint in a title if the topic is about something particularly nasty, but the sad fact is that so many things can trigger so many people that it is impossible for me to decide what warnings to put on a given post. Even if I put huge warnings on every post, I’d miss someone’s particular trigger sooner or later. Eventually it would come down to me choosing which triggers were “worthy” of being warned about and which I should just let slide, and I don’t want to do that. So while I strive to make this place comfortable for my readers, it should not be thought of as a safe space, as such. It is a considered space, a deliberate space, where I try to put thought and care into everything I put up here. But it is not a safe space, because I cannot promise safety. I can promise honesty and a measure of compassion.

Moreover, safety is somewhat antithetical to the objective of this blog. Transitioning is a risk. A huge risk. I want to document it as clearly and honestly as I can, and that involves bluntly facing certain things which may make some people uncomfortable. Safe spaces are necessary, but they are for recuperating. This blog is not for recuperating. This blog is for growing. You can’t grow in safety.


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